Effectively Efficient at Excellent Endeavors: 16 Ways to Become More Efficient

Sometimes, the only answer is to finding more time in your day is to become more efficient with your existing time. Therefore, I have done some research on how to use one's time efficiently, and the majority of my findings have pointed to the following list of tips.

Pucker Up: Writing a Kissing Scene

I’m working on a kissing scene for my young adult novel, and I did a little research on the matter. Apparently, there's quite a bit more to a young adult kissing scene than I had originally thought. Here’s a list of some interesting findings.

Write This Down: How to Take Notes the 4.0 GPA Way

Note taking is one of the most important skills that you can have when trying to obtain a 4.0 GPA or when trying to improve your current GPA. I’m not sure why, but students are just expected to know how to take notes when they arrive at college. There’s no orientation on the subject, there’s no class. It’s a situation of *poof* here’s your instructor. Now, start writing. Here are my secrets to taking good, reliable class notes.

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