Out of the Mess Comes Gratitude

Well, friends, 2019 ended with an absolute mess, and 2020 continued that mess.  In fact, I shall dub it “The Mess.”

The Mess is still here, and it makes life uncertain, confusing, scary, and frustrating.  I started to create a post that was, for a lack of a better descriptor, a “What the fluff am I going to do?” post.  But I thought of a better idea.  Instead of starting 2020 by discussing the nitty gritty of The Mess, let’s discuss some of the things and people The Mess has reminded me to be grateful for.  Yes, that’s a much better idea.  Let’s find gratitude in The Mess.

Out of the Mess -- Hare's Ear Fly
One of the messiest activities is fly tying. Feathers and thread are everywhere. I have to remember that out of messes can come beautiful and useful things, like this hare’s ear fly tied by The Tiger. Fly By: The Tiger,    Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

1.  Nurses. Good nurses are more valuable than gold.  Even though they get worked hard, so many of them work themselves even harder because they care about their patients.  Heck, some nurses I know will even answer questions after hours or on their days off because they genuinely care about people.  Nurses frequently explain the cryptic nature of the medical field, they call doctors out when the doctors forget that patients are more than mere charts and are actual human beings, and they are kind to scared family members who always seem to have more and more questions that they want answered.

2.  Friends. I have had several friends who have been understanding of me cancelling things or not emailing them back very promptly, and that kind of patience warrants a lot of gratitude.  I also have a friend who continually lets me vent, who helps me research things I don’t understand, and who is always there to comfort me.  We may not live in the same state anymore, but she’s the one I know that I can count on when I need someone.  Hopefully, you have someone like this in your life, or maybe you are that person for someone.

3.  The Tiger. Click here if you don’t know who The Tiger is.  He frequently proclaims how decrepit and old he is, but, particularly throughout The Mess, his actions speak otherwise and he continually lives up to his name.

Out of the Mess -- Magic Caddis
This is meant to imitate a caddis. I have caught many fish on this pattern.  Fly By: The Tiger,    Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

4.  Teachers. I have a few teachers/mentors who help me to grow and who let me know when I’m screwing up.  That’s a true teacher—they tell you both what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.  I may not like it.  Okay, I may really, really not like it, but I’m grateful for them.

5.  The Ranger. Click here if you don’t know who The Ranger is.  My gosh.  He is the definition of a supportive significant other.

6.  My puppers.  She makes me smile and laugh like no one else can.

Such Nobility
So little. So fluffly. So noble. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

7.  Those who donate blood. I knew the importance of donating blood, but I did not truly understand its importance until The Mess.  If you have donated blood—whether your reason stemmed from passion, a sense of community service, or a desire to earn some extra cash—thank you.

8.  Frozen pizza. You’re not healthy, you’ve added some extra junk to my trunk that I’m going to have to take off in 2020, and you’re kind of expensive, but you’re so convenient and you’re such a wonderful comfort food.  Mmmmm, pizza.




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  1. I love your positive attitude! My 2019 ended as a mess and 2020 is also a bit messy but I’m choosing to be positive. Likely different messes but I’m still sending you positive vibes!

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