Exciting News

Hi, everyone!  Sorry that I missed last week, but life happens.  Anyway, I wanted to relate some exciting news.

1) I got reblogged on Sixteen & Successful.  Woohoo!  I’ve mentioned this blog before, but just to remind you, Sixteen & Successful is a blog that addresses everything from how to be successful in school, to cute fashion, to tips for living a happy, healthy, and fun life.  It’s quite a neat blog.  You can check out my reblogged post here: “Summer Bucket List: Volunteering and Adventures.”  Abby, the author of Sixteen & Successful, also has some additional tips for how to have a fun, productive, and meaningful summer.

2) I got mentioned in Timothy Pike’s subscription e-mail as one of three bloggers to look out for (in a good way).  The e-mail is entitled “These Three Writer’s Aren’t Famous–Yet.”  Along with me were bloggers Melanie Jean Juneau at mother of nine9 and joy of nine9 and Robert Jepson at his blog, Robert Jepson.  In the e-mail, Timothy has a little blurb about each of the bloggers, and mine read as the following:

Breathe deep. Feel that? It’s not just the crisp mountain air of the Sierra Nevadas. It’s a fresh perspective, an attitude toward life that leaves one feeling…hopeful. After all, according to Elizabeth Preston, “Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” What you’ll find when you look past her boundless optimism is a quintessential American writer (with a master’s degree in it!), an academic perfectionist (4.0 GPA!), and a person who has her hands in about a million different writing projects at once. And she does indeed live at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as the name of her blog implies.

The shout out was a welcomed surprise, and I was honored by it.  Please visit Timothy Pike’s blog, What Inspires Your Writing.  He has numerous interviews with authors and tips on writing, staying inspired, and staying motivated.  You should perhaps even consider entering his photography contest.  I did, and I actually won one week.  🙂  It just goes to show you that you never know what might happen.

I’ll admit that my spirit has been a bit down lately.  I’ve recently encountered some people who, I believe, are not so good, and they bruised my confidence.  Hey, it happens to pretty much everyone at some point in their lives, no matter how positive they may be.  However, with Abby’s and Timothy’s kindness and support, I am reminded that you can get pushed down, but you always have the power to get back up.  So, to both of you, thank you.  You’ve given me the push to get back up.  Now, I’m up, caffeinated, and ready to go.  Watch out world.  Here I come.

We all have hope for better days.  sometimes, it just takes a little sign to remind us of that. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
We all have hope for better days. Sometimes, it just takes a little sign to remind us of that hope.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

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  1. What a gorgeous picture! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is! Congratulations. Your name is getting out there and you’re being carried forward on a wave of discovery. Turn a deaf ear to those naysayers and enjoy it. You’re terrific and so is your writing. {{{Elizabeth}}}

  2. Thank you, Calen! ❤ That rainbow appeared yesterday and only lasted for about five minutes, but it was a great five minutes. Also, thank you so much for your kind words and support. I truly appreciate it, and I will take your advice to heart. You and your blog are terrific as well, and I'm glad that we have become blogging buddies. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on an inspiring review from Timothy. Although Timothy emailed me about featuring my blog, I can’t find the email with anything he might have said about my writing. Could you forward the email to me if possible? 🙂 mjmjuneau@gmail.com

  4. Thank you, and congratulations to you as well! I will definitely forward you the e-mail. Also, thank you for the follow! 🙂

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