Well, Would You Look at That: One Lovely Blog Nomination

This is the first picture on my blog (I’m not counting videos) that isn't mine.  :O Image From: https://sunflowerrosecw.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/one-lovely-blog-award-2/ .
This is the first picture on my blog (I’m not counting videos) that isn’t mine. :O
Image From: https://sunflowerrosecw.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/one-lovely-blog-award-2/ .

I have been nominated by https://freedomthroughempowerment.wordpress.com/ for the One Lovely Blog Award. How cool is that? According to the One Lovely Blog Award rules, I must now do the following:
* Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
* Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
* Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
* Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Tricia!!!!

Seven Facts About Me (Oh, how I love lists! I should do a list of the reasons why I love lists.)
1. I have not kept a fish that I’ve caught since I was three (and really, I didn’t know any better then). A blog post on why I’ve chosen to be a catch-and-release fisherwoman will be coming!

2. One of my dreams is to open a shelter that specializes in rehabilitating and adopting out puppy mill dogs.

3. I’m a hapa—half Chinese and half Caucasian.

4. My two favorite authors are Sarah Addison Allen and Meg Cabot. In fact, I actually wrote my undergraduate honors thesis on Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble trilogy. I wonder if she would read it if I sent it to her . . . . Probably not. 😦

5. I can’t keep my nail polish from chipping no matter what I do.

6. My Caucasian grandfather was a point guard for Baylor and could jump with the best of them. I get maybe two inches of air when I jump.

7. Salt and vinegar potato chips are my Kryptonite.

15 Bloggers I Admire (in no particular order)
1. https://freedomthroughempowerment.wordpress.com/ — She says what she thinks (and you’ve got to admire that), and she writes in a clear, funny manner. I particularly like her post on her Gateau Basque (https://freedomthroughempowerment.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/the-year-the-cake-went-down-in-flames/). I had no idea what it was before I read her post, and now I want to make one.

2. http://thepersistentplatypus.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/technology-the-double-edged-sword/ — I really admire how Elle is honest about her anxiety and about her life. I’ve studied anxiety in my psychology classes, but it’s nice to see anxiety humanized. Also, her dogs are adorable.

3. http://kindnessblog.com/ — Quite frankly, it’s nice to be reminded that in a world of cruelty, there is still kindness, goodness, and light.

4. http://ryanlanz.com/ — The man knows what he’s talking about.

5. http://themigrantchef.com/ — Holy guacamole, this man knows how to cook, and his food pictures are great.

6. http://blissfulbritt.com/ — Her posts are creative and fun to read.

7. http://northerndesertphotography.com/blog-2/ or this link (same blog) http://northerndesert.smugmug.com/ — The photography is absolutely fantastic, and, in my mind, the photographer completely captures the western spirit.

8. http://underdaddy.com/ — The author has made me literally LOL.

9. http://vancouvervisions.com/— This fellow does a bit of everything—nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, etc. You’ve got to admire his blog for diversity. Also, he writes quite well.

10. https://chewingcrayonsanddelaware.wordpress.com/ — This is another author who has made me literally LOL. Her writing is a combination of Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry.

11. http://planettrout.wordpress.com/ — This man knows his fish and his flies.

12. http://mydumbcancer.wordpress.com/ — The honesty of this blog is beautiful, and the author can definitely write. It has a mix of humor and poignancy.

13. http://whitegirlsbelike.wordpress.com/ — Finally, some bloggers who out and out support humor writers! Humor writers need outlets and support for their products, and this blogger both provides humor writers with opportunities and writes humorous posts herself. You have my respect, Madame.

14. http://promptlings.wordpress.com/ — Her Daily Post Writing Challenges can really help to chisel at writer’s block. Thank you for that!

15. http://sixteenandsuccessful.org/ — This girl goes to college, has not one, but two popular blogs, and picks out some of the cutest outfits that I’ve seen. How can I not give her a shout out?

To everyone I didn’t mention, offense ain’t intentioned. In fact, there’s probably twenty more blogs that I’d like to give a shout out to, but the requirement was 15. Also, it’s past midnight and, despite my night-owlish tendencies, I’m getting tired, lol. To the bloggers that I mentioned, I don’t want you to feel pressured to do everything that this award supposedly requires. I merely want to commend you on your great blogs. 🙂

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  1. Fantastic post and thanks for the renom! 😉 We are soul sisters when it comes to salt and vinegar chips and nail polish chipping, I am the same way. The blogs you reccomends look very interesting and I look forward to checking them out.

  2. Thank you! The only way that I’ve figured out how to do nail polish so that it doesn’t look junky is to do clear polish with glitter in it. Then, if I chip it, I just put another dab of glitter and no one is the wiser. 🙂

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