Hop on Over: 10 Interesting Facts about Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! In honor of the day, I found some interested facts about this holiday. Enjoy!

Happy Easter! Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Happy Easter!
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

1. The whole Easter ham tradition might have roots in an old myth in which there was an evil queen whose son became a hunter. He was eventually killed by a wild pig. As punishment to little piggies everywhere, the evil queen designated a Sunday on which everyone was supposed to eat pig. Man, talk about punishing the group for one individual’s mistakes. Geeze.

2. According to the Birmingham Mail website, the biggest Easter egg hunt happened in Florida in which 9,753 kids went hunting for 501,000 eggs. I’m sorry, but yuck. Those eggs have been sitting out in the sun all day and are just itching to give someone food poisoning. Now, plastic eggs filled with prizes I can get behind, but real boiled eggs . . . no.

3. Also from Birmingham Mail is the interesting fact that 76% of people eating chocolate bunnies bite the ears off first, 5% go feet first, and 4% begin by nibbling on the tail. The tail, really? That’s just strange, man.

4. DoSomething.org reports that Americans dole out $1.9 million each year on Easter candy. That’s a lot of Cadbury Crème Eggs, my friends, and, really, that’s nothing to peep at. (Yes, bad jokes are my forte.) Speaking of Peeps . . . .

5. Elite Daily claims that Americans buy about 700 million Peeps around Easter time.

Bunnies! Cupcake By: Elizabeth Preston Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Cupcake By: Elizabeth Preston
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

6. The International Business Times website states that “most chocolate Easter bunnies are hollow because they’re easier to eat.” Yeah. Sure. It couldn’t possibly be because they’re cheaper to make that way. *rolls eyes*

7. The International Business Times also claims that kids leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny like they do with leaving out cookies for Santa Claus. I have never, ever heard of this. Has anyone here heard of this “tradition?” I don’t buy it. I don’t think that Easter Bunnies (a.k.a parents) want to eat carrots.

8. Now, a few facts about symbols and animals associated with Easter. First up is the egg. Express reports that the average hen will lay between 250-270 eggs each year. Ouch.

Have you ever seen a bunny "binky?" Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Have you ever seen a bunny “binky?”
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

9. According to the MSPCA’s website, rabbits can do a “binky,” which is when the bunny jumps in the air and, while airborne, twists and spins around. OneKind claims rabbits “binky” when they are happy and that they may run and flick their feet as well. Seeing a rabbit “binky” for joy is now on my bucket list.

10. Lastly, in honor of another animal that is associated with Easter, here is a fact about the noble donkey. Express reports that since 2005, Britain has required donkeys to have a passport if they’re going to travel. I didn’t realize that illegal donkey immigration was a problem in Britain.

Well, happy Easter! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day.
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  1. Oh look there! Even a donkey liked your blog post! LOL That was really fun and interesting. Nope. Never heard of leaving carrots out for the Easter Bunny.

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