New Year’s Resolutions in April

I feel like I’m still waking up. I shake my head to rid my brain of the musty cobwebs, but they remain and I look at the world through half-open eyes. This is not a welcomed feeling, but I guess that it’s part of the grieving process (see this article for more details). I do feel like I’m starting to wake up though. It’s slow, but I believe that it will happen.

I couldn't bear to Photoshop this picture.  So voila--you see exactly what I saw that evening. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
I couldn’t bear to Photoshop this picture. So voila–you see exactly what I saw that evening.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

Wonderful people have offered me their help. Quite frankly, I’ve needed it. I’ve experienced kindness from strangers (particularly “lampers”) and other bloggers that you typically only read about once the story has gone “viral” after some major news outlet gets a hold of it. I’ve gotten support from friends who were never asked to give it, but knew that I needed it. So, thank you. Truly and honestly, thank you.

Everything that has happened lately has made me reevaluate some things, and I’ve drafted up a few new goals.

  1. Be there to give help to others the way that others have given me aid.
  2. Do what makes me happy, what I can live with, and what does not harm others.
  3. Try to get back to smiling and laughing as much as I used to.
  4. Plan for the future, but live for, and enjoy, the present.
  5. Procrastinate less.
  6. Get back to posting for the 4.0 GPA series on this blog.
  7. Take more pictures.
  8. Believe that every dream that I chase will come true, even if the odds are extraordinarily against it.
  9. Wake up earlier than I currently do (remember, I’m typically a night owl) and see at least one sunrise each month.
  10. Complete all of my current writing projects within the next four months.
  11. Have no more regrets.
  12. Fish more and worry less.

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