Catching Up: Blogs that NEED to be Read

I have been so behind on my blog reading that it’s just . . . sad. There are some wonderfully talented writers on WordPress, and their writing needs to be read. That’s right, NEEDS to be read. Therefore, for this week, as I catch up on my reading, I am posting some of my favorite, relatively new posts by some of my favorite bloggers. I think that I am going to make this a regular series, so if I don’t mention your name this time, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you, and your name will probably pop up in the next “Catching Up” post. 🙂 I read quite a few blogs, and if I mentioned all of them in one setting, this list would get super long. If I list your blog, and you’d rather not be listed, that’s completely fine. Just e-mail me, and I’ll take it off. 🙂

If you know of a blog (including your own) that you think is awesome and NEEDS to be read, please post it in the comments below and I’ll make sure to check it out.

Owls & Ravens by James Zemke“Up”
This blogger is relatively new to the scene. He does personal posts, but he also does movie reviews. In these reviews, he posts what cupcake would exemplify the movie. That is truly a novel take on movie reviews. His latest review is on the movie, Up, and the cupcakes are designed by yours truly.

Vintage Inspired Passionista by Abby Hawthorn“Weekly Whistle: Stately Styling Bold Pre-Fall Brights and Patterns” and “Style Template: Summer Essentials”
Abby is seriously motivated when it comes to fashion, writing, and being successful. Admittedly, I’m a little awkward on fashion. Okay. I’m a lot awkward. My thing has always been jeans and a t-shirt (preferably one that features Snoopy or The Beatles). However, as I’ve gotten older and had to get dressed up to work, to teach, or to give conferences, I’ve learned that jeans and a t-shirt just don’t cut the mustard. Therefore, I’ve tried to step out of my fashion comfort zone, and Abby’s fashion advice has certainly helped to inspire me. One of my favorite outfits that Abby has posted is her bright chartreuse sweater with purple skirt in “Weekly Whistle: Stately Styling Bold Pre-Fall Brights and Patterns.” Overall, her blog is great for ideas, and it’s pushed my fashion boundaries. But, I won’t try ruffles. I draw the line at ruffles.

If chartreuse isn’t your style, you can also check out some of Abby’s other summer style suggestions on her post, “Style Template: Summer Essentials” at her second blog (yes, she has a second blog—I told you that she is motivated), Sixteen & Successful.

Underdaddy by Underdaddy“Daddy Am I Pretty?”
This blogger is one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read. Heck, he beat me in a humor writing competition a while back. *grumble* *grumble* He’s someone you just enjoy reading, he was recently published in Dads Behaving Dadly 2, plus he’s got a pet wallaby (no, I’m not kidding, and the baby wallaby is adorable). However, he took an unusually serious turn for a semi-recent post called, “Daddy am I Pretty?” I was skeptical of the lack of laughs at first, but the post left me teary eyed at the end. While it’s not one of his newer posts, this one is still worth a read.

Send Sunshine by Jessica Edouard“Compassion” category
If you ever feeling gloomy, then this is the blog to go to. I always feel better and more hopeful after vising Send Sunshine.

Improptu Promptlings by Lady Calen“Soul-Mates?” and “Moments”
I dare you to find a sweeter blogger than Calen. Her blog is honest, thoughtful, and beautiful. She posts pretty much every day, so there is always something new to read. I quite enjoyed her recent post, “Soul-Mates?.” As I’ve gotten older and have been more in the dating world *bangs head on table*, I’ve found that perhaps I’m looking more for a “soul-friend” as Calen explains, rather than a “soul-mate.”

I also really liked Calen’s recent post entitled, “Moments.” It looks like such a fun writing prompt that I may have to tackle that myself one day.

The Book Blogger by Matt (a.k.a. “TheBookBlogger2014”)“5 Words that should Die an Agonising Death”
Matt is always a fun writer to read. He typically does book reviews, but he also holds weekly flash fiction contests and writes posts on writing in general. I quite enjoyed his latest entry. In fact, it literally made me smile. Haha! Sorry, Matt, but I couldn’t help it. (You’ll get the joke if you read his post.)

Fluidicthought by Kristin Henzler “Here Comes Another Weekend”
This blog is a mixture of personal stories and photography. I’ve never been to Australia, but I feel like I’m able to experience just a small piece of the country through this blogger’s beautiful photography. Now, in no small part due to her photos, visiting Australia is on my bucket list. Every now and again, she posts a shot that makes me stop and just stare. The rainbow picture in “Here Comes Another Weekend” is one of those shots.

A Symphony of Literacy by Iggy“In the Belly of the Beast”
Iggy does both writing and photography. His piece, “In the Belly of Beast” recently did quite well in a contest, and after reading it, I completely see why.

Northerndesert by Alison Hardenburgh“My Buddies are Back!”
Gosh, I love this blogger’s photography. She captures some of the landscape that I love in a way that I haven’t seen anyone else do. She also has a talent for perfectly photographing animals. I don’t know how she does it.

Freedom and Empowerment by Tricia“Good Me, Bad Me”
Whether or not you agree with blogger, Tricia’s writing, she’s still fun to read. Every now and again, she shows a vulnerability that is universally relatable. For instance, her recent post, “Good Me, Bad Me” touches on the experience of having good days and bad days and of simply being human. Some days we want to save the world and pay for others’ coffees, and some days we want to flip off the guy who cut us off in traffic (not that I’ve ever done that . . .). Her piece definitely NEEDS to be read, if only to remind you that you’re not alone.

Rough Canyon by Robert Robinson (otherwise known as “UtahRob”)“Nowhere in Particular”
If you’re into fly fishing, then you need to read this blogger’s posts STAT. Also, if you like Norman Maclean, you’ll like this fella. His post, “Nowhere in Particular” put into words what I’ve felt but been unable to articulate.


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  1. Thanks for putting me on here, I’m honoured! I’m just starting to look through the links, but those cupcakes literally (!) look delicious, art themed food has always seemed both very tricky and a very enviable skill (I’d love to see more photos like that…).
    Best, Matt

  2. You’re welcome. It is well-deserved. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment on the cupcakes. They were quite delicious, hehehe. I was surprised at how long decorating a cupcake can take. When I went into a bakery and saw fancy cupcakes priced at $4.00, I thought that that was madness. After decorating cupcakes, I now completely understand. I will definitely have to do some more cupcake art then. Perhaps the next one will be book-themed. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome. You’re already publishing terrific stories, as evidenced by your contest achievement. I’m sure that you will do well in many more contests too. 🙂

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