Flash Fiction Foray: Lost Paradise

My friend, Matt at The Book Blogger has a weekly flash fiction challenge entitled, “Flash Fiction Foray.” He posts a song and you write a flash fiction piece (maximum of 100 words) based on the song. This week’s song is “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks. If you want to read more about the challenge or about the Book Blogger himself, then please head over to The Book Blogger.  My entry is below.

Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

Title: “Lost Paradise”
Word Count: 100
Note: I apologize for the lack of indentation. I can’t figure out indentation on WordPress.

“I don’t need you,” she says.
The evening is chilly and busy taxis keep rolling by. I gaze at Julie and the dirty river flowing. Every Friday, she flies to Waterloo, and I don’t want to stay at home, so here I am.
“I don’t need to wander,” I counter.
“I don’t wander.”
“You meet Terry here every Friday night.”
Julie makes no sound.
“You wander,” I say.
I feel old and dizzy. “Fifteen years together.”
“Terry actually tries and cares. He isn’t lazy like you.”
I look into the dark water and wonder what happened to my paradise.


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Foray: Lost Paradise

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  1. I agree, his Flash Fiction Foray is not only fun, but it helped me to move past a writer’s block I had. You know, I think that someday I may expand on the piece. I’m kind of interested to see where the characters would take me. Thank you for reading, Calen!

  2. A whole world in this one, a whole past, with lots left unsaid but we can imagine it. So a great ff piece, even if it could also be expanded. I think good ff often functions that way, and this one’s good!

  3. Thank you very much, Curtis! That’s really nice of you to say. I like how you described flash fiction. I will definitely try to accomplish the “left unsaid but we can imagine it” task again in future flash fiction.

  4. Loved this!
    Indentation wouldn’t matter on this piece, since all but one sentence is a single line. I thought the “tab” button indented with every computer system. I’d rather do it on my own instead of having the computer to do it automatically.

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