Picture Post Part Eight: Into the Wild

Has it really been four months since I’ve done a Picture Post (“Picture Post Part Seven: Green with Envy”)?  Oh, my.  That’s just too long.

The Ranger (click here if you don’t know who The Ranger is) and I recently went to a wildlife sanctuary called Animal Ark.  It’s not really a zoo because most of the animals that they have are ones that they 1) are rehabilitating and will eventually be released back into the wild, 2) are orphaned, 3) are having to keep because of state laws, or 4) are keeping because they cannot be released into the wild due to the animal’s physical issues.  Although there are some animals, like the cheetahs, that are for educational and probably publicity purposes.  Their enclosures all have places for the animals to go and hide (there were a couple that I never got to see because they were hiding), ample water, and places to play.  It’d probably be ideal if each of their enclosures were more than an acre, but that’s not really practical for what is available to Animal Ark, I don’t think.  Overall, from what I’ve learned about the place, it’s a pretty neat facility with workers who are passionate about their jobs and the animals.  So, here are just a few of the animals that The Ranger and I saw.  Enjoy!

Bear Necessities
This bear was found as a cub on one of the highways during a harsh winter. His little ears got frostbitten and had to be removed, so he couldn’t be released into the wild. Isn’t his coat beautiful? Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Coyote Looking Up
I absolutely love this picture of the coyote. Coyotes are strange animals. They’re extremely smart, and while I admire them and have them in my YA book, their howls still send chills down my spine. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Hungry Tortoise
Look at his eye. That’s so funny! He must have been quite hungry.  Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
I'm Watching You -- Jaguar
This jaguar was pretending to sleep, and I say pretending because the minute The Ranger moved, he opened his eyes to watch him. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Porcupine -- Bad Hair Day
This little guy climbed up on those logs, found a flat area, stood up, and then danced. Maybe he feels better when he’s dancing? Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Unamused -- Lynx 3
This was such a neat lynx. Sorry about the glare. I was shooting the picture through glass . . . which is probably a good thing. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston



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