Flash Fiction Challenge: “Spying Silhouettes”

It’s that time of week again—time to do the Flash Fiction Challenge! This week's song is "Silhouettes" by The Rays, and my piece has a little spy action going on . . . .

Flash Fiction Foray: Lost Paradise

“I don’t need you,” she says.
The evening is chilly and busy taxis keep rolling by. I gaze at Julie and the dirty river flowing. Every Friday, she flies to Waterloo, and I don’t want to stay at home, so here I am.
“I don’t need to wander,” I counter.

Pucker Up: Writing a Kissing Scene

I’m working on a kissing scene for my young adult novel, and I did a little research on the matter. Apparently, there's quite a bit more to a young adult kissing scene than I had originally thought. Here’s a list of some interesting findings.

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