Flash Fiction Challenge: “Spying Silhouettes”

It’s that time of week again—time to do the Flash Fiction Challenge. If you want to see what I’m talking about, go check out “Flash Fiction Challenge: ‘I Can Live Without You.’” The rules are simple.

  1. The piece must be 100 words or less.
  2. The piece has to be inspired by the week’s song.

I’d love for you, my dear readers, to join me. If you decide to, please let me know by leaving a link to your story in the comments below, and I promise to read it. 😊

This week’s song is “Silhouettes” by The Rays.

I should explain my piece a little. First, I still can’t figure out how to do paragraph indents in WordPress. So, sorry about that. Second, I was really taken with the idea of seeing a silhouette, and in my mind popped the protagonist of my YA novel. My novel is unpublished, and I’m still trying to get an agent (Agents, give a gal a chance!), but it’s called The Memory Keeper. In the book, my protagonist does spy work (well kind of . . . it’s complicated), and she eventually questions whether she’s one of the good guys or a bad guy. In my mind, I saw this scene of her doing some of her spy work. It’s a little more on the violent side, so if that bothers you, then skip the rest of this post. I will totally understand. I also won’t know, because WordPress doesn’t tell me who reads the entirety of a post and who doesn’t.

Sunset Silhouette
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

“Spying Silhouettes” (99 Words)

I softened my breath. My eyes stayed glued to the pink cloth that draped across the tan, packed-clay doorway. A man’s silhouette paced while another’s sat strapped to a chair.

“Where is it?” the standing silhouette demanded. His Russian accent sounded strange among the Moroccan night’s music.

“Answer me!”

His fist crashed into the sitting silhouette, who groaned but then slowly straightened.

“Kaparlov’s still sore about the cargo?” The sitting silhouette chuckled. “Tell him I beat him. Tell him I won. Tell him—.”

A bullet kicked his head back. Silence.

“I’ll tell him nothing,” the standing silhouette responded.


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