Flash Fiction Challenge: “I Can Live Without You”

A while back, Matt at The Book Blogger had a weekly challenge where he took a song and asked his readers to write a flash fiction piece inspired by the song. He would also participate in that challenge, and he and the participants came up with some really neat stories. I participated in a couple of those challenges (see “Flash Fiction Foray: For the Lonely Penny” and “Flash Fiction Foray: Lost Paradise”).  I found them to be a wonderful creative outlet that kept me fresh for other writing.  I want to bring that challenge back. So, I am endeavoring to write flash fiction on a regular basis for a few weeks, and I invite you, dear readers, to join me.

The rules are simple.

1.  The piece must be 100 words or less.

2.  The piece has to be inspired by the song in some way. The song could inspire you to write about a certain topic. Perhaps you could write about one of the characters in the song and what you think that he/she is feeling or thinking. Maybe you could write about someone who is observing the situation described by the song. Maybe there is an image or a certain word in the song that sparks your creativity.  You could also use only the words in the song to create your own story (this is one of my favorite options). Bottom line: use the song as inspiration in any way you see fit.

That’s it. Those are the only rules. If you choose to participate in the challenge, please let me know by either directly messaging me or by letting me know in the comments below. I promise to read it. 😊

This week’s song is Player’s “Baby Come Back.” Here is my version only using the song’s lyrics.

“I Can Live Without You” (90 Words)

I see your empty smile. You wish I were your fool again. I have used up all of my money, mind, and love to get that feeling again, but you are a waste of time.

I have nothing left, and the blame is on me.

But there is something in me—in my heart—trying to keep it together. I have a chance, and it is up to me to get back to where I started. I can come back.

I can’t forget you, but I can live without you.

Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

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