The Best Feelings Part I

The other day, I was talking with two fellas, and they were discussing how great it is to be alive. They reminded me that sometimes we just need to stop and remember the good things in life. So, in honor of those two gentlemen, I’ve decided to do a series on some of the best feelings in the world. I’d love to hear what feelings you think are the best in the world, so please feel free to add yours to the list by commenting below, and it may even show up in part two of this series. Enjoy!

1. Freezing and then stepping into a hot shower and feeling the cold melt off from your skin.
2. Feeling supported and like someone is rooting for you to win.
3. Sitting down in a cool mountain stream on a hot summer day.
4. Someone holding open a door for you without you even asking.
5. Catching a fish and releasing said fish back into the water to swim another day.

One of the most beautiful and impressive things in life is a wild rainbow trout. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
This is one of the trout that I caught last fall.  One of the most beautiful and impressive things in life is a wild rainbow trout.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

6. Making someone so happy that they tear up a little.
7. Doing something to make a little kid smile and/or giggle.
8. Finally finishing a project that you’ve been working on for a long time.
9. Watching a student’s mental wheels turn and “get” a concept that you are teaching.
10. Dancing like nobody is watching to a catchy song. Might I suggest this one?
11. Running with wolves. (Yep, I’ve actually done this, and it was an amazing experience.)
12. Having your first inside joke with a new friend.
13. Crawling into bed and sinking down into the mattress after a long day.
14. Seeing a blue sky after having smoke-filled skies for days.

Now that's the blue, western sky that I love. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Now that’s the blue, western sky that I love.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

15. Wearing a new pair of sneakers for the first time.
16. When your pet looks up at you with nothing but adoration, love, and trust in their eyes.
17. Hitting the sweet spot on your golf club when you hit a golf ball on the driving range.
18. Hitting a bull’s eye when you’re doing archery.
19. When your hiccups finally stop.
20. Eating homemade pie. Okay. Any kind of pie. Pie is simply awesome no matter where it comes from. The same goes for cheesecake.


20 thoughts on “The Best Feelings Part I

Add yours

  1. Unexpected joy in routine places! As I turned my cart into the tea section of the grocery store the other night, I came upon a man and woman dressed as sparkly FAIRY ELVES. She had a glittery crown and they both had fake pointy ears. I said, “Wow! This is an awesome aisle!!!” They laughed and explained that they’d just come from a friend’s fantasy-themed wedding. ❤

  2. I really like this theme and I love your list of good things. I would add the fresh smell of herbs and/or flowers while out hiking and a dopey dog’s expression while he’s smiling and wagging at you just because. 🙂

    For the record, I think dogs have this happiness thing down way better than humans do….

  3. Thank you, Tricia! Ooo, I definitely like yours. May I please use them in a future post in this series? You’ll get credit, of course. 🙂 I think that you are so right on dogs having happiness down. Heck, I think that dogs have this whole “life” thing down better than humans do. My dogs gets food that’s often better than what I eat, shelter (okay, she has the whole house), constant love, has three different comfy beds, and can get petted any time that she asks me. What a life!

  4. I really like number 2 a lot! I do sports in school and I always get shivers when people are cheering for my team and it gets me motivated to do better 🙂 I’m excited for this year as I’ll be playing in university for the first time and I think the support will be much greater than I have ever experienced!

  5. Ha ha, I see we share the same animal care taking skills in that we allow our creatures to pretty much take over the house. That’s ok they deserve it. ;). Of course, feel free to use anything I’ve said.

  6. That’s terrific that you’re playing in university for the first time! Congratulations!!!! That’s truly an accomplishment, and you have to be a very talented player to play at that level.

  7. I just read your writing on grief and now this great list; I’m amazed at some of the parallels in our perspectives 😀 Kindred spirits. Keep up the awesome writing!

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