The Best Feelings: Part II

Sometimes, it’s nice just to stop and to recognize the good things in life. So, in the name of positivity, here is the second post in my new series, “The Best Feelings.” You can read the first post here: “The Best Feelings: Part I.” Thank you to those who contributed to this week’s post. Please feel free to add to the list by commenting below, and it may even show up in part three of this series. Enjoy!

1. Biting into a doughnut when you haven’t had one in a long time.
2. Finding money you forgot about in old jackets.
3. Having a good makeup and/or hair day.
4. Kim over at You Are Not Alone contributed this wonderful moment in the last post: “Unexpected joy in routine places! As I turned my cart into the tea section of the grocery store the other night, I came upon a man and woman dressed as sparkly FAIRY ELVES. She had a glittery crown and they both had fake pointy ears. I said, ‘Wow! This is an awesome aisle!!!’ They laughed and explained that they’d just come from a friend’s fantasy-themed wedding.” What a neat moment! This, my friends, is why we should have more fantasy-themed weddings in the world.
5. Tricia from Freedom Through Empowerment suggested “the fresh smell of herbs and/or flowers while out hiking and a dopey dog’s expression while he’s smiling and wagging at you just because.” For me, fresh basil and rosemary always take me back to summers past, and a moment filled with doggy happiness is always a good moment.

This was after Sabrina opened her birthday presents.  She got food, and she got to be destructive.  What more could a dog ask for? Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
This is after Sabrina opened her birthday presents. She got food, and she got to be destructive. What more could a dog ask for?
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

6. Those jumping butterflies that you get in your stomach when you have a crush on someone.
7. That first sip of coffee or tea that warms your stomach on a cold day.
8. Iggy23 at A Symphony of Literacy added “when people are cheering for my team” because it gets him “motivated to do better.” I imagine so, and Iggy23 will have plenty of times to hear the crowd roar in excitement for him because he’s playing soccer at the college level (they call it the “university” level across the pond). How cool is that? Congratulations again, Iggy23!
9. Having the end product be better than what you imagined it would be.
10. Receiving flowers for no reason.

Sometimes, it's just nice to get flowers. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
Sometimes, it’s nice to receive flowers.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

11. My buddy, Matt over at The Book Blogger added feeling appreciated. That’s so true, and sometimes it doesn’t even take a grandiose gesture to make someone feel appreciated.  Even a simple “thank you” will do most of the time.
12. Sheldon at Sheldon Kleeman said that “being able to blow your nose after it’s been blocked” is another terrific feeling. So true, so true.
13. When you’ve been teaching a student how to read and then his/her parents come up to you later to thank you for all of your work and to let you know that the child is reading well above his/her grade level now.
14. When you know that your pet fully trusts you.
15. Walking under an apple tree during fall.

There's something about walking under an apple tree during the fall that just feels . . . good. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
There’s something about walking under an apple tree during the fall that just feels . . . good.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

16. Finding out that a student reached his/her goal in part because you helped him/her.
17. Someone giving you a hug because he/she knows that you’ve had a rough day.
18. When a store’s employee gives you a discount on an item because she thinks that it’s priced incorrectly.
19. Having someone genuinely laugh at one of your jokes.
20. Saying something that makes a student stop and think.

8 thoughts on “The Best Feelings: Part II

Add yours

  1. This was a great idea. I saw my like on the other post, but my comment didn’t post. (Which wouldn’t surprise me as sometimes I forget to push POST!) What I said was being the first one up early on Saturday mornings so I have time for a cup of coffee with my journal and NO interruptions!

  2. Thank you, Calen! I’m not sure why your last comment didn’t post. 😦 I’m glad that you’ve reposted it though. Quiet mornings are always great. There’s something fresh and calming about them that’s just absent from quiet nights. Would you mind if I shared your contribution (and gave you credit, of course) in the next post of this series?

  3. Of course you may. I think the mornings are especially peaceful to me because the guys are still sound asleep in their beds and I don’t have to worry about them! I’ve got that worrying down to a fine art! 😀

  4. Awww, I can’t believe I’m just seeing this! I must have missed the ping back notification but thanks for the mention. And I absolutely LOVE your dog’s dopey expression after opening her presents. What a cutie she is!

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