Strange Words: Sentences I’ve Uttered Since Getting My Dog

I don’t have anything earth-shattering or serious for you this week. Honestly, I just want to do something fun for this post.  So, I want to introduce officially my dog Snowie by sharing some strange sentences that I’ve said since getting her three and a half years ago. What are some weird things that you’ve said to your pets?

First Night Home
This was Snowie’s first night home. She was a little over 3 pounds when I got her. Look at how little she is! Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
  1. You have the most magnificent tail.
  2. No more crotch diving.  Guests don’t appreciate that.
  3. Oh, no. You didn’t. Of course you did.
  4. Poop, pleeeease poop. Is your sphincter getting bigger? Dang it, sphincter dog!

    Can We Please Go To Sleep?
    I honestly tried to crate train Snowie, but she insisted on sleeping on my bed. This is her after she snuck out of her crate to sleep on my bed.  I admit it.  I didn’t have the heart to lock the crate and hear her cry.  I’m weak. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
  5. Don’t eat the box.
  6. I hope that passes.
  7. What did you eat that was blue?
  8. You can’t eat an ice chest.
  9. We don’t eat poop! It’s just not what we do.
  10. Don’t eat my student’s paper.

    Little Beauty
    This could be a commercial for GMC. Hey, GMC, do you want to give Snowie a sponsorship? 😉 Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
  11. Aww, a submission piddle. You really do love me.
  12. She ate the X-Files.
  13. Do you want Lobby the Lobster, the Squirrel of Knowledge, Boing Boing Bunny, or your Puffball?
  14. Get out of the toaster!
  15. Don’t lick the wasp!

    Sweet Girl
    Snowie’s tail doesn’t really do much. I’m not sure why, but she’s just not much of a tail wagger. She’s more of a body wagger. She’ll also express her feelings with her ears. When she wants to be super sweet, she pins her ears back as much as she can until it almost looks like she has no ears like in this picture. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston
  16. Why would you call her a dog? She’s not a dog. She’s a baby princess.
  17. Drop that bunny mask!
  18. We do not make friends with slugs.
  19. You like vegetables more than fruit? I can’t even believe that you’re my fur child sometimes.
  20. She loves going to the vet. (There’s no sarcasm here. She really does love seeing our vet, and Snowie paws at the vet to ask her to pet her.)

    She is my absolute best friend, and I’m so lucky that I get to see her bright, smiling face every day. Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

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  1. Snowie is gorgeous, lovely pictures! My pup is about two years old, and I think he knows my daily routine better than I do. And tries to change it sometimes: If I spend too much time at my desk, he’ll start tossing toys at me to get my attention; and if that doesn’t work, will throw a ball and chase it until I get up and play. He’s learned that “Wanna watch Netflix?” means couch-potato time; “Please be seated” means sit and wait for a treat; and “Let’s work in the yard” is code for going outside. They’re so much fun; there’s nothing quite like the relationships we have with our dogs!

  2. Thanks! He’s a maltipoo. We’re due for a new photoshoot, but there’s a pic and video of him on my About page and a few more photos under the “Lobo” category on my blog, Thanks for following me!

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