Humor Contest: Guess What . . . .

I entered a humor writing contest, and the results are in . . . .


Moooom, They Copied Me: 6 Possibly Ripped Songs

Many songs have similarities. However, some songs are . . . how do I put this . . . blatant and unapologetic copies of others songs. Here are some songs that, in my opinion (and, in some cases, the opinion of the courts) are ripped from other songs.

Sometimes It’s Easy to Be Good: 10 Easy Community Service Opportunities

Maybe it’s because of my Catholic schooling, or maybe it’s my Baptist upbringing/inherent guilt, or maybe it’s all of those after-school specials, but I believe that part of being a good person is helping others. Perhaps you feel this way too, but, as you know, sometimes doing community service takes time and energy—two things that people don’t always have. So I present to you a list of ways to help others that can be easy, quick, and done with very little effort.

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